Monday, July 28, 2008

New Postings

I just made 2 new postings for your peek:

The first on is on Poetry... about Haiku
The second one is on Crafts ... about a rr
that I took part in with my special friends.

Take a peek... it will be worth the time

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Grandma on

Monday, March 19, 2007 I must explain what is going on with my Blog......I think I have figured it out. It was necessary for me to cancel floryscraftandpoetryjournal and the flory one that was made for me. Please use that is the one that will work. Continuing each day, I try something different/new. My right hand is coming along and improving every day. I go to therapy two times a week, I get a Botox shot every three months, and continus to use my right hand more and more all the time. Back to the breathing test and the Apnea I have, I am still waiting for the traveling nurse to call me and set up my appointment to come to my home and explain how to use it. I think I talked about my Bionic Arm Brace that I used when I went to was a therapy day and I got a new kind of brace. It is called a SaeboStretch and the way it fits I think it is to keep my fingers straight....wear it for two hours and take it off for two hours. We will see how it works. Well until the next time I want to add to my story.......bye bye Monday, March 12, 2007 Sorry so many days have gone by without me posting.....but I had to go to the doctor's office, and he decided I needed an overnight stay for a breathing test. I am back from that and all I can report is that I ended up having a nose piece put on me and then I was to fall asleep.......they were not kidding. Results......Sleep Apnea. I guess I get the news from the doctor at the next appt. Wait and see, I have to.Now let see, I was talking about getting better a day at a time. That is what you do, or at least that is what I did......a day at a time....I decided that if I could manage to accomplish or try one new movement a day that would be great. So that is what I did and that included learning to write left handed. Once I started to be able to write, that someone else could read it, I wrote short poems. Writing poems kept me pretty busy, it was difficult to read and remember what Ihad read, so reading books was not on my list of things to do. I still to this day have a problem concentrating, retaining and understanding what I am reading. posted by flory @ 3:51 PM Thursday, March 08, 2007 I now know I had been suffering from an Ulcer that I was unaware of for a long time. When I finally woke up I was with my daughter in the ICC unit and she was very happy to see me awake, finally. From that day more tests were done and I continued to get better and better.A few days went by and I was improving daily, so the next thing was to learn to walk again....the therapist came to my room and started to explain what had to come next. I must now get out of bed and start using my legs.....Walking. Well that is what I started to learn that day..."She said, now talk out-loud to your right leg and tell it what you want it to do" so I said...right leg take a step..and I tried very hard to move my leg..Dragging my toe..I did very slowly..take what I thought was a step. With an emergency belt around my waist, which the therapist used to catch me if I started to fall, I had my therapist come on a daily basis, which I looked forward to.I also decided by myself that I had to learn how to write with my left hand. So Peggy brought me a pencil and paper to start using, which I did. Boy, I'll tell you that also was a hard job. I could not read it when I started....practice, practice and "talk to your left hand" remember, your brain doesn't even know that your right side is there, you must remember to tell your brain, so it starts to think and creat again. posted by flory @ 5:07 AM 1 comments Monday, March 05, 2007 In March 03 I found myself in the hospital with a diagnosis of a STROKE what a blast that was...I never, never expected that...It took me many days of really not knowing what was going on...I spent the first night counting....1 to 100 and back again....just making sure that I knew/remembered how to count.The I started to remember every ones birthday starting with Joe and going all the way to my last grandchild, Katie.....Now I was pretty sure that my memory/mind was going to be working pretty good. Now while I was struggling with the stroke, I also had a BIG problem with an ulcer that started to want to cause even more trouble, so out they put me again and the next day or so I remember that I was also taken care of by a wonderful Doctor that I got to meet after, I think, he really saved my life.